Packaging Forensic Life Cycle Assessment

If you want your sustainable packaging choices and environmental claims to be robustly quantified, then reliable and technologically relevant input for Life Cycle Assessment is necessary. With our unique combination of packaging expertise and our extensive range of functional testing instrumentation and forensic analysis laboratory instrumentation, we can quantify packaging sustainability, with or without the pack stakeholders. All LCA studies follow the relevant ISO standards and are peer reviewed when communication of product environmental claims to 3rd parties is required.


Packaging Life Cycle Assessment peer review

The quality of life cycle assessment studies is reflected in peer review. While a typical peer review is heavily focussed on LCA methodology, it often lacks the same degree of scrutiny in relation to accuracy and relevance of the input. Peer review of packaging LCA studies performed by The LCA Centre guarantees the highest level of verification of both the application of LCA methodology and the technological correctness of the input data.


Packaging reverse engineering

Packaging users often want to understand the material composition of their packs and/or those of their competitors. This can be useful in commercial discussions within the ever more consolidated packaging supply chain. With our forensic and technical lab services, it is not only possible to find out what your or your competitor’s packaging is made of, but also to compare the pack performance to other packs with similar functionality.


Packaging regulatory advice and emerging issues management

The regulatory landscape related to packaging and the environment is fast-changing, complicated and can be difficult to keep up with. We are active in Brussels with the parties involved in this EU regulatory landscape and are able to identify the likely direction it will take, providing vital input to the future-proofing of any packaging eco-innovation.


Packaging eco-innovation support

Many of our services play an important role in packaging eco-innovation and troubleshooting, providing vital LCA and regulatory insights into the packaging design process.