At The LCA Centre, our core activity is packaging forensic life cycle assessment (LCA). We employ packaging technologists and use laboratory functional and forensic instrumentation to support comparative packaging LCA studies, with or without the pack stakeholders.

We help formulate your environmental claims and answer your questions related to current packaging environmental issues, including current and future regulatory issues, materials and process development, and packaging eco-innovation. We are your independent packaging future-proofing partner.

Our services and research are focussed exclusively on packaging and associated products, such as foodservice disposables, and reuse/refill packs and systems. The two major sectors of interest are food and cosmetic; however, studies have also been carried out in the field of transport packaging and the packaging of non-food FMCG products.

The LCA Centre is an independent research institute established by the packaging company Royal Paardekooper Group and the environmental NGO Natuur & Milieu. We are a member of the International Association of Packaging Research Institutes (IAPRI) and a partner of the University of Twente Packaging Chair.